Music Lessons

Music Lessons at Kester Music

Kester Music conducts instrumental lessons on a one-to-one basis (individual lesson). Lessons are available for:-

  • violin
  • viola
  • piano

Our lessons are offered:-

  • based on the examination syllabus provided by the various examination boards, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College London. Students or parents may decide on which examination board to register for an exam
  • for music enthusiasts in which the lessons will be conducted to suit your requests
  • for foreign students on a special short term basis

In the lessons, students will learn about:-

  • Reading sheet music (music score/notation) – The information in sheet music is the way the composer speaks to the performer. Pitch, rhythm, tempo, articulation, and dynamics are only some of the aspects involved. Every musician or music student must be able to read them, then turn the information into music. This is fundamental in learning music.
  • Posture – Posture involves the way we stand, sit, and hold an instrument. Good posture will help to achieve efficient use of energy in playing and make the player one with the instrument. It is also important to maintain good posture to avoid physical injuries while learning and practicing.
  • Technique – Technique covers the physical skills in approaching the instrument (and for the violin and viola, the bow). It can be as fundamental as creating a nice sound from the instrument to difficult virtuoso skills to awe audiences. Scales, arpeggios and etudes are commonly used for technique drills. With proper techniques, the player can then have the ability to build and express musical ideas.
  • Genres – There are different genres of music which differ mainly in style and interpretation. Each genre has a unique form, and it is important to learn the differences between genres to increase the musical understanding and acquire the different skills.

Students are required to perform in concerts held by Kester Music to gain performing experience. This is an alternative approach in measuring progress, to that of the external examination held by the various Boards.

For music lessons, please contact us at +6016 – 434 5423  (Wei Min)

_CS54752(Learning to hold the violin)
Learning to hold the violin
_CS54757(Learning to hold violin bow)
Learning to hold the violin bow
_CS54827(Demonstrating for the student)
Demonstrating for the student
_CS54794(Explaining to student)
Explaining to the student